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Computer Science Department

McFarling Foods CRM and Comprehensive Analytics Tool

Makena Barickman

The McFarling Foods CRM and Comprehensive Analytics tool will provide customer data and order history to users. This data will help create a more informed sales team, and will bolster sales to existing customers by utilizing sales patterns and predicting what products are best suited for their business. 

McFarling Foods is a small, employee owned and operated, local food distribution company located in Indianapolis, Indiana. They work with various customers in industries ranging from fine dining, catering, healthcare, institutions, and more. Currently, McFarling foods serves around 1,500 existing customers. A main goal of McFarling Food’s is to increase existing customer sales by 10%; a number that would significantly impact their yearly revenue. The current system used by McFarling Foods is messy, unreliable, and doesn’t provide easily decipherable data. They need a solution that can help them better organize their customers, categorize their orders, and easily view sales trends to help them suggest better products to their existing customers to grow sales.  

With a more robust system in place, McFarling Foods sales people will be equipped with the tools to make more targeted, knowledgeable sales to their existing clients. The McFarling Foods CRM Tool will allow users to view customer profiles containing contact information, industry information, and related orders. Users will be able to view past orders and a list of customers who have completed similar orders. The McFarling Foods CRM Tool will generate exportable data, displaying order trends by industry, to help salespeople gain a clearer understanding of their customers. Users will also be able to view a salesperson table that provides data on number of customers, number of customers per industry, and number of orders.