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Computer Science Department

CS Advisor

Mitch Regel

Often times, advising a student at DePauw involves using their online transcript with all classes taken by a student along with the list of all classes offered during a particular semester, a resource that can be somewhat tedious to use. CS Advisor is a Web-App that pulls a student’s page from a database that contains all the student’s previously taken Computer Science classes organized by semester. The Web-App also gathers the required classes for a Computer Science major that are currently offered and displays them as a list of classes yet to be taken. Along with computer science classes, CS Advisor will also allow for the adding of all liberal arts and language courses to the course list to allow for advising for those requirements.

Each class will be its own container that can be dragged to different semester sections to accurately represent the student’s schedule in the past, present, and future. With classes accurately displayed, CS Advisor then has recommended courses to take that will bring a student closer to completing his/her major. The software is easy to use and does not require any installation so that users who have access to student records (advisors) have easy access for a quick start. While the software is geared towards Professors, CS Advisor is designed so that a PDF document can be shared with a student so he/she can see a CS advising transcript for him/herself.