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Computer Science Department

Best Remember: The website that helps you learn a language

Tong Li

Best remember is a website that helps users to learn a new language from the beginning. The first step of learning a new language is memorizing the vocabularies of that language. That’s where Best Remember works. Basically, the website is designed for English speakers who want to learn Chinese and Chinese speakers who want to learn English. Users are able to use the website to help them to memorize the vocabularies in different ways. The website allows users to choose a certain number of different levels of vocabularies to memorize and also create their own vocabulary lists to mark those complex vocabularies. The website has a function to track the process that users learn vocabularies by tracking time, number, number of vocabularies and the proficiency of memorizing the vocabularies.  It also has sign-up and sign-in functionality to help users to create their own account for helping them learn the new language better.