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Computer Science Department

EDI: Email Dictating Interface

Zoe Hines

The power of an email account is still not easily accessible to many types of users. Those who are visually impaired are one of the largest groups among them. Thus, EDI (ee-dee) seeks to bridge this gap and make email more available to the blind community. The opportunities afforded by email should not be closed off to anyone so EDI will make it easy to read and write emails just with voice. 

EDI is a Firefox web-extension that is designed to interact with pre-existing Gmail accounts. Once a Gmail account is added, users can use voice commands beginning with the activation word “EDI” to navigate through their inbox and have their messages read to them. EDI will read the sender’s name, the subject, and the body of the email as well as truncated versions of any links embedded in the email. A user can write emails just as easily by filling in the same fields with simple commands. While EDI’s target users are the visually impaired, it could easily be used as a hands-free emailing alternative or dictation tool.  

Voice was the original messenger. Stay in touch with EDI.