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Computer Science Department


Maeve Sheehan

Now more than ever, online shopping has become the most convenient and safest way to find new clothing. While online shopping can be easy, the unknown quality and sizing of clothing is daunting. FashionFinder, a web application, will assist online shoppers by providing reliable clothing reviews from real customers. The website will be unaffiliated with clothing brands to ensure users that reviews are unbiased and real. FashionFinder will be accessible to anyone with an email address. The website allows users to post and review clothing items for the benefit of fellow users. Users can search for a clothing item, such as “white blouse”, and FashionFinder will generate a search from its database of reviews and items. The search will return a list of items that match the search along with links to the item’s website. Users can also search for specific brands, such as “Zara”, and generate a list of items from Zara that have been reviewed. In addition to providing users with honest reviews, FashionFinder will generate cheaper duplicates of specific items that are searched. For example, when searching “Lululemon Women’s Leggings”, leggings of similar quality but for lower prices will be displayed.