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Computer Science Department

Face Mask Detector

Shriyanshi Shikha

As the Covid-19 pandemic hit last year, it was difficult for the people to adjust with the change that was coming with it. One of the biggest changes was having to wear a mask while being in public places, which is the simplest effective way to deal with the spread of the virus. Even though the WHO made it compulsory for everyone to wear masks there is a good amount of people who do not wear masks. The face mask detector can be used to check whether a person is wearing a mask or not in real time with the application of machine learning tools such as OpenCV, Keras and TensorFlow. Once the data set is passed and the model is trained, the face mask detector will give the location of the face in a bounding box. If there are multiple faces in the frame it will have different bounding boxes. The face detection would give the face location’s parameter which will be required in the model to detect masks on the human face. It will use different approaches of face detection such as the feature-based approach and the image-based approach to display the most accurate results.