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Computer Science Department


Derrick Ozobu

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, our society has put more emphasis on cooking at home to avoid the risk being in close contact with hundreds of individuals. Now, it is important for us to review and assess what we truly desire for our leisure time. CriticsAcclaim is a web application that provides users insight on ways to spend their time away from the office. CriticsAcclaim is driven to provide the most accurate and honest reviews from restaurants, movies, theatrical plays, and the night life in an individual’s local city/town.

CriticsAcclaim has quite a few resources that our users can explore through with this web application. Firstly, this network will have an open space to share reviews on local restaurants and businesses around town and specifically in areas near popular cities. Users will be able to search for certain businesses that are partnered with CriticsAcclaim. Users also have the option of creating an account which they will use to login to the application. CriticsAcclaim users will be able to edit their own reviews from their past posts and have the capability of reading other users reviews as well. Users who create an account with CriticAcclaim are offered to search through a filter of options from type of cuisine to newest and oldest restaurants. The user experience of this application will be utilized by an easy-to-use user interface to gain information about a restaurant such as what type of food they serve and if the restaurant is cheap or expensive.