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Ready Readers

Grace Todd

Encouraging children to read and write can be very difficult if they do not have access to the correct resources. It can also be difficult to help them learn to read and write if it is not enjoyable to them. It is really important to start working on literacy with children from a young age. Ready Readers, a website, aims to provide a fun space for elementary school-aged children to learn or enhance their current literacy skills. They will have access to videos of older students reading books, reading and writing worksheets, and they can create their own bookmarks to print and use. The user interface will be simple in order to accommodate children that cannot read or write yet. Ready Readers will have many resources that children, parents, and teachers can use to encourage reading and writing that is enjoyable.

The Ready Readers Website aims to help children become more passionate about reading and writing, as it is a skill they will be using for the rest of their lives. The earlier that they develop these skills, the better. Ready Readers will be a great resource for elementary schools in Putnam County to utilize as a resource for teaching. I along with members of my sorority, Pi Beta Phi, are committed to improving the literacy of the children in Putnam County schools and this website will also be a great tool for the members to use with them.