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Computer Science Department

The Writing Room

Mana Kunimatsu

The Writing Room web application is an application where users can create various types of writing such as short stories, journals, poems, memos, goals, and daily affirmations. There are many memo applications but this application is specifically catered for writers[MOU1]  as writers can track their goals and keep in track of various types of writing in an organized way as well as make sure that they also have time outside of writing when they take a break or socialize.

The Writing Room website will have an introduction page that includes files [AJ2] that the user can click to create inside the files different types of writing, such as short stories, journals, poems, goals, memos, and daily affirmations. The user can click files and write within the files. The web application also has a time tracker to make sure users take a break and/or socialize from writing after 60 minutes. There will also be a goal file and next to it will be a reminder that writers should have a purpose for their goals. The programming languages used will mostly be CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.

 [MOU1]In what way? What makes it different?

 [AJ2]What do you mean by files? A blank page embedded on the page? Where do these files go after they write them?