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Computer Science Department

Creditarc: An Android Application

Patrick Amaro Rivera

Creditarc is a mobile Android application that allows users to get reward points

(Creditarc) and use them in exchange for simple job tasks. A user can create an account in this app and can act as a job creator and/or a job doer. A job creator is a user who posts job that need to be done. A job doer is a user who is requesting to do jobs. All users start with an initial 10 Creditarc reward and can get more by doing jobs for other users. These job tasks are mostly simple, and examples include help moving, lawn mowing, tutoring, babysitting, etc.

A job creator must have the Creditarc that they put up and can set the job doer from requests of that job. Once a job has been done, the job creator gives their Creditarc to the job doer. Ultimately, Creditarc is a platform where users can create jobs and/or do jobs. The database is stored in a backend Parse Back4App server. In addition, Creditarc incorporates alternative SDK libraries such as Google Maps SDK so users can find jobs in their location via a map.