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Computer Science Department

Helpspot – Helpdesk Software

Seth Fagen

Helpspot is a desktop helpdesk software. Anyone who has a company can create a Helpspot account and add both clients and employees to their Helpspot account. When the client has a problem or issue with a service from the company, they submit a request known as a ticket to fix their issue on Helpspot. The ticket itself includes a description of the problem from the client, contacts from the company trying to resolve the issue, the client and associated contacts, and a messaging board to provide updates. Eventually an employee from the company will come across the ticket and try to resolve the issue. Helpspot supports multiple clients per company, and each client can have as many associated contacts from their organization as they want.

Helpspot allows time tracking capabilities. On every ticket, clients and employees of a company can log how many minutes they worked on the issue. Helpspot supports a wide range of data analytics to view statistics about clients and their employees using this time tracking.