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Computer Science Department

Outstanding Service Award

This award is presented annually by the Computer Science Faculty to a Computer Science Major who contributes exceptional service to one of the department’s programs.

Nathan Sanchez 2023 Trang (Lauren) Nguyen 2023
Taha Babar, 2022 Vidit Khandelwhal, 2022
Patrick Amaro Rivera, 2021 Recipient Sophie van Genderen, 2021 Recipient
Phoebe Martinez, 2020 Recipient Erica Pereira, 2020 Recipient
Gerald Pineda, 2020 Recipient William Fryrear, 2019 Recipient
Abby Lacy, 2019 Recipient Erica Pereira, 2018 & 2019 Recipient
Devon Mensching, 2017 Recipient Jack Sampson, 2017 Recipient
Miranda Neville, 2016 Recipient Robert Arrington, 2016 Recipient
Noemi Benitez, 2015 Recipient Tao Qian, 2014 Recipient
Rajat Kumar, 2014 Recipient Joey Ni, 2013 Recipient
ShanKara B. Johnson, 2012 Recipient Kiara L. Williams, 2011 Recipient
Maria I. Schwartzman, 2010 Recipient Erin M. Donahue, 2009 Recipient
Robert A. Snyder, 2008 Recipient Corinne McWilliams, 2008 Recipient
Ryan K. Smith, 2007 Recipient Olufisayo K. Oluwadiya, 2007 Recipient
Chad S. Arnold, 2006 Recipient Kristin A. Briney, 2005 Recipient
Jeremy T. Engle, 2003 Recipient Kristin A. Briney, 2003 Recipient
Matthew E. Kappel, 2003 Recipient