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DePauw Graduate Featured in Microsoft Article about Technology Careers (Spring, 2010)

Erin (Ed) Donahue, a 2009 graduate of DePauw, is featured on Microsoft's web site as part of an article that discusses the need to attract more U.S. students to technology careers. As part of the article Anthony Salcito, Microsoft's Vice President for Worldwide Education writes: "There are a lot of amazing students doing amazing projects across the United States, but other countries have done a better job of celebrating and nurturing these students early on. What we need to do is make sure that technology is a right, not a privilege, for every student and then challenge them to be great. If we do that we'll be successful as a country." Donahue is cited in the article for being part of a team that received first runner up in the Microsoft 2009 Imagine Cup as well as for her more recent work in tracking satellites as a software development engineer at Lockheed Martin. Read more on Microsoft’s Web Site.

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