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Computer Science Department

Justine Clarke and Elena Gonzalez win prestigious National Science Foundation scholarships (Fall 2014)

Justine Clarke and Elena Gonzalez won prestigious National Science 
Foundation scholarships to the 2014 Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing (GHC), held in Phoenix in October.      
Approximately 8000 women attended the international conference.  The conference awards a few female students with full scholarships to cover plane fare, hotel costs, registration and a food allowance, through a selection process that includes an application, essays and a letter, all reviewed by a panel of five professors. Justine and Elena, along with Mendy Xu, Taoxi Li, Meagan Combs and Chelsea Conard attended the GHC program, where keynote speakers included Microsoft's CEO.  Elena presented her work in the conference's poster session, while Chelsea stated, "…getting feedback from the CEO of a global company was truly remarkable."