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Computer Science Department

Major on Cover a DePauw Magazine (Fall 2013)

The cover story in the Summer 2013 DePauw Magazine features Computer Science major 

Nate Nichols '05. The article, titled “Can Machines Write? What Narrative Science will Mean for You,” presents work being done by Nate at Narrative Science, a startup company designing software that automatically generates stories that make sense to people reading them. “By applying a journalistic approach to an unprecedented and humanly unmanageable 
amount of data, Nichols and his fellow engineers and editors at a company called Narrative Science are harnessing computers to explain what the data means in a way we can understand: stories.”

After earning his Bachelor's degree at DePauw Nate went on to Northwestern University where he earned his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees. He is currently lead architect at Narrative Science.

The article can be accessed at here.