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Computer Science Department

World Famous Computer Scientist and DePauw Graduate Passes Away (Spring, 2008)

Professor Art Burks, DePauw Class of 1936, passed away in May of 2008 at the age of 92. Professor Burks was one of the key engineers on the ENIAC computer in 1946 which was the world's first fully implemented programmable electronic computer. Art Burks is pictured with the ENIAC in the 1946 photograph shown on this page. Several years ago, Professor Burks made arrangements for DePauw to receive several components of the ENIAC; a number of these are on display in Julian. In recent years Professor Burks met with DePauw students to share his recollections about the history of computing. DePauw faculty member Doug Harms has interviewed Professor Burks extensively. The video footage of these interviews provides a glimpse into the earliest days of a machine that literally changed the world.