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Computer Science Department

Faculty Fellowship Awarded to Study Links Between Databases and Programming Languages (Spring, 2008)

Brian Howard, Assistant Professor of Computer Science, has been awarded a three-year DePauw Faculty Fellowship, to commence in the fall of 2008. His topic is "Exploring Synergies Between Databases and Programming Languages." The goal is to explore the areas of overlap between these two topics, and to develop new course materials for each which will reflect their common ground and expose students to some of the recent developments in each that have emerged from this cross-fertilization. While Dr. Howard's specialty is in programming languages, and he has taught an upper-level course on the subject numerous times since arriving at DePauw in 2002, he is a relative newcomer to the study of database systems. "I'm teaching databases for the first time this fall, and in preparing to teach it I was struck by the number of times I saw programming language ideas, or concepts that could be used in the design of new languages," said Howard. "I'm delighted to have the extra time and motivation provided by this fellowship to explore some of these links and hopefully bring some exciting new approaches to both of the courses."