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Computer Science Department

Presentation by Visiting Human Computer Interaction Researcher Tonya Stroman (Spring, 2008)

Tonya Stroman from Indiana University Bloomington recently visited DePauw to give a talk entitled, "Inner Peace in Outer Space". Tonya's topic relates to Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), which lies in the intersection between Computer Science and Psychology. In describing her talk topic, Tonya writes "A persistent obstacle to long-term space exploration is the inability to fully support humans during long periods in space. Even though we are able to provide for human physiological needs, human psychological needs are more difficult to predict and address. Certainly, a space dwelling is stressful place and this environmental stress increases with the amount of time a person is in space. As NASA plans to send people to Mars by 2037, existing approaches to meeting human needs in space must be reevaluated and augmented. Additionally, the issue of space station habitability is interesting outside of the space program because it represents the most extreme example of human dependence on technology. Accordingly, an HCI research and design approach to space habitability can also provide a new perspective on pervasive computing problems in terrestrial habitats."