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Computer Science Department

Winter Term Trip with Technology Component Announced (Spring, 2007)

DePauw computer science Professor Doug Harms (pictured) has announced that he will join Professor Bob Hershberger in leading a Winter Term in Service (WTIS) trip to El Salvador in January, 2008. A description of the trip, excerpted from the WTIS web site reads: "...we will be staying in Santa Marta, El Salvador and working with Salvadorans on two service projects, one related to computer technology and education, and the other related to public health and health care. The computer technology project will help install and configure an Internet cafe in Santa Marta and teach computer literacy skills to local residents of this small mountain community. The health project will be a public health care team consisting of DePauw students and medical professionals who will visit communities near Santa Marta and set up one-day medical clinics for residents to see medical professionals, get diagnoses, and receive free medications; the team will also provide health education to residents regarding such topics as dental health, STDs, AIDS, prenatal health, etc. Within the context of these service projects we will work to understand and appreciate the people of El Salvador, their history, culture, and current situation."