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Computer Science Department

Professor Townsend Awarded Faculty Fellowship for Robotics Project (Fall 2008)

Gloria Townsend, Professor of Computer Science, was awarded a Faculty Fellowship for her three year project titled "Using Robots to Bridge the Academic Divide Between DePauw University and Putnam County."This project creates an upper-level Robotics course for the Computer Science Department, aiding in the expansion of hardware and digital logic concepts throughout the computing curriculum. Planning and implementation of a service learning component accompanies the project, involving local-area middle school and high school students where the DePauw University Robotics students showcase the results of their robotics projects for middle school and high school students creating a recruitment dimension for the project. The statistical portion of the project involves pre- and post-test evaluation of students involved in the service learning project DePauw University students, middle school students and high school students. A paper written for an audience concerned with computer science pedagogy follows the collection of data, describing the course, the service learning project, the data collected and the data analysis, results and conclusions. 

Faculty Fellowships are funded by DePauw and are designed to stimulate and facilitate projects by faculty members to improve their teaching, to advance their scholarly and creative work, to enhance the University's academic programs, and to realize institutional goals. The fellowships are competetive and are administered by DePauw's Faculty Development Committee.

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