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Dec 14

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Computer Science Department

Seven DePauw Computer Science Majors attend INWIC, and Ashley Conard Wins Two Awards!

The Indiana Celebration of Women in Computing took place at McCormick's Creek State Park February 7-8, 2013.  Seven students presented talks and/or posters.  Front row (l-r) Ashley Conard, Noemi Benitez, Radhika Dayal, Taoxi Li; back row (l-r) Miranda Neville, Gloria Townsend, Taryn Hampton, Mendy Xu.  


Ashley Conard                                                 Creation and Implementation of D4M Algorithm for Protein Analysis

Radhika Dayal                                                Dynamic Website for the RESOLVE Web IDE

Radhika Dayal & Miranda Neville                 Demystifying Computer Science

Taryn Hampton                     Using Student Data to Evaluate Problem Difficulty within an Intelligent Tutoring System


Taoxi Li                                 Making Artwork and Games with Open Source Projects

Ashley Conard                        Essential Residues within Fyn SH3 Protein Domain using Game Theory

Noemi Benitez                        Computer Science Develops Dual Degrees

Miranda Neville                       Having Your Cake and Eating It Too:  A Look at How to Get Things Work in Your Favor


Ashley Conard won both the poster and the talk competition.  Her prize was an "all expenses paid" trip to the Grace Hopper Celebration next fall in Phoenix.  Ashley is congratulated in the picture to the left by Dr. Maureen Biggers, Director of Indiana University's Center of Excellence for Women in Technology.