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Computer Science Department

Students Attend Midwest Celebration of Women in Computing (Fall, 2009)

Several of the department's women traveled to Chicago, October 9-10, 2009, for the Midwest Celebration of Women in Computing (MIDWIC), a conference held at St. Xavier. The following women gave short talks: Kasey Aderhold ("Beyond Booleans: Interdisciplinary Uses of Computer Science"), Danielle Jaegers ("The Domination of the English Language in Computing"), Valerie Wang and Jianling Fang ("Internet and Diverse Cultures"), ShanKara Johnson ("Music Downloads: Who Is Really at Risk?"), Pam Selle ("$787 Billion: Where Technology Fits into the Stimulus Plan"), Ashley Myers ("What a Web We Weave: Enhancing Conferences with an Online Community") and Kiara Williams ("Women of Color in Computer Science"). 

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