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Computer Science Department

Senior Projects

As a culmination of the computer science major, each senior completes an independent project. Each student describes his or her project idea in a formal project proposal. Projects typically involve the design, implementation, testing and documentation of a software system that builds on earlier coursework both inside and outside the department. Students are mentored by a faculty member and meet regularly in groups to present their work and to discuss related topics such as the ethical implications of their work.

2017-2018 Senior Project Abstracts

2016-2017 Senior Project Abstracts

2015-2016 Senior Project Abstracts

2013-2014 Senior Project Abstracts

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2011-2012 Senior Project Abstracts     

2010-2011 Senior Project Abstracts     

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2007-2008 Senior Project Abstracts

2006-2007 Senior Project Abstracts

2005-2006 Senior Project Abstracts