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Computer Science Department

Peer-2-Peer at Its Finest

Antonio Amercado

My project will be a hybrid peer-2-peer program that will utilize a central server to gain file information about a user before actually connecting to the user to retrieve files. There will be login and password capabilities for the program, and if you are not registered by the server, you will not be able to use the service. Once a successful login is reached, the user will be able to request a list of users that are on the network. The user will then be able to view the types of files that the other users are sharing and proceed to connect to them to retrieve the files and stay connected creating a network with every additional connection. The interface will be command prompt and very user friendly. The types of files that are going to be capable of downloading will be image, text, and music files. Having a central server will also allow instant messenger capabilities and being able to view different properties of different users. It will be fun and easy to use, and for those who are completely computer handicap I will try to make it so user friendly that the only thing that would prevent the user from using it is illiteracy.