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Computer Science Department

Computer Aided Mammography Process

Josh Coats

I am offering the topic: Computer Aided Detection (CAD) of anomalies in mammography data. In my research this summer, at the University of Virginia, I built a prototype of the CAD program that I want to implement for my senior project. I have titled the program C.A.M.P.: Computer-Aided Mammography Process. I have called it this because through my research I learned that the technology alone should not make diagnoses, a second set of eyes is more helpful, and a radiologist should follow some process with this program. Having had only had 8 weeks this summer to work on the project, there are many things I was not able to integrate as of yet; including drawing either circles or boxes around abnormalities, segmentation and adding, some artificial intelligence so the program would get better at finding abnormalities, and ignoring normal lesions, among other things. My program is being designed as an aid to the radiologist. It is not intended to take over the physician's job, it merely acts as a second set of eyes to review the mammograms; hence the name, Computer Aided Mammography Process (or CAMP). It is to be viewed as a process in which the radiologist will review while the computer does its own review, once the doctor is finished he can bring up the same images up on the screen, or print them off, and the program will have marked areas of concern for the doctor to look at.