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Computer Science Department

Single-Player Checkers Using OpenGL & A.I.

Kofi Boateng

This project will be a game of checkers. The graphics language, OpenGL, will be used to design the user interface for the game. The game will have a 2D look though it will be designed in 3D. Everything relating to game playing will be programmed to appear in a 2D environment. This means the interface the user will see will be in 2D. The main purpose of the game is to have a human player try to beat a computer opponent which will be equipped with Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). The computer will use alpha-beta search to look ahead during a game before it makes its move. The computer will use heuristics to evaluate its position on the board before applying the alpha-beta search. This is because alpha-beta search for checkers space is too large to be exhausted in the search. In this way the search will only apply to the immediate area around the computer's position.