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Computer Science Department

Dynamic Online Purchase Orders

Zach Harris

I am proposing to bring a purchase order/business form file maker into an online password protected environment that capitalizes on the information distribution, specifying and ordering process. It will be simple to use, simple to update and maintain, and provide a "purchase order" type configuration structure that allows the builder to click on options. My example for this project will contain technology related items, but this website will be dynamic and can be used by any company. The key is to allow a company or company's sales person to walk the client through all of the options that a company has to offer, and click them off while adding up a total price for all the options. By "submitting" the company would receive the order via e-mail. The purchasing format should include standard necessary information like the builder's info, subdivision, lot #, wiring date needed, homeowner's name, address, phone number etc. In order to bring the proposal into action I plan to use PHP and Oracle for my programming needs. I will create a database that will hold the information of the clients and then can be read from when creating online forms, email purchase orders, or filling out forms.