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Computer Science Department

A Web-based Database to Fight the Spread of HIV

Aimee Menne

The Upendo Project, based off of an ongoing organization, sets out to raise awareness and donations to respond to the needs of women and children living with AIDS/HIV in Kenya. The web-based database involves the creation of several data-driven web pages and a database for viewers who would like to donate money, purchase merchandise, or simply learn more about this effort. Using knowledge obtained from multiple classes at DePauw, the pages will be designed and securely implemented from scratch. The use of a database will serve two purposes: to keep updated inventory information about the merchandise that is purchasable on the site; and to track information pertaining to who is viewing the site, so the administrator will know the outreach of the site. The administrator will have a secure log-in page where he/she can maintain the site and the database by updating the pages and keeping inventory levels current within the database by adding, deleting, and updating content. Reports will be run and updated reports will be displayed upon each log-in. The administrator will also have access to information about users who visit the site, as they are asked, though it is optional, to submit a small questionnaire about how they heard about the site. This questionnaire will also serve as feedback to allow the administrator to know who the site is reaching.