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Computer Science Department

Heroism: Completing a Massively-Online 3D Strategy Game

Alan C Reck

The goal of this project is to complete and polish a game Alan Reck began in a game design course at University of Essex in Colchester, England. Heroism is a strategy game where a player controls a squad of up to five medieval era soldiers in a 3D environment. The game is massively-multiplayer, which means there can be potentially dozens of players playing at once, controlling hundreds of units in total. Creating a massively-multiplayer strategy game is a particularly large challenge, because it does not fit any of the currently existing networking strategies out there for computer gaming. While the game is currently playable, there are many networking issues that need to be resolved, 3D graphics need to be textured, and a few more game-playing elements must be added before it is properly polished for public consumption. Once completed, Alan Reck will upload it to his website,, for a public beta. The ultimate goal is to have the game playable by the public.