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Computer Science Department

The Development of a Multimedia Data Driven Website

Dallas Madlock

This project involves the development, implementation and testing of a multimedia data driven website to maintain important information and entertain the members of the Intimidatorz Motor Sports Club. This project will allow the members of this organization the ability to sign on to a secure web session where they will able to upload and store photos, audio, and video clips into a database and display their media in public or private galleries. This feature will allow members to peruse the media of others if granted permission by the owner. This website will provide the general public with the ability to learn valuable information about the organization as well as access to media within member's public galleries. This project provides non-members with the option to become a member of The Intimidatorz Motor Sports Club via an online application. The information provided by the applicant will be inserted into the database as a member with a status of pending. The administrator will then approve or disapprove of the member by assigning a status of new or denied. Upon approval members will be issued an Intimidatorz email address and a personal account which includes a unique username and password. The administrator of the website will have the authority to manage all accounts and media stored within the site's database.