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Computer Science Department

Small Company's Operation and Management System

Dan Williams

I would like to create a web-based application that allows owners of small (or maybe eventually larger) companies to organize and manage current clients and employees. I would also like to include in this project the maintenance of revenues. This would entail the building of a database which would allow an owner to add and delete employees, as well as clients, and it would also allow him/her to track payments online from those clients. I would like the owner to have the option of sending out emails via email to clients, and this would require some form of secure online-payment system which I would need to create (or borrow from other ideas). I would also like to give the owner of the small company the option to print paychecks, through this program, for his employees. I envision having a site which clients would be able to sign into, as well as an admin page which would provide the owner a place to maintain local transactions (i.e. Payroll), as well as external communications (i.e. Email and Invoices).