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Computer Science Department

Network Quizzing Application for Japanese Language

Jared Wooten

This project will be designed to be utilized by the Japanese language learning professors at DePauw to give quizzes to students. The desktop application will be a client consisting of a workspace and a multiple window interface that interfaces with a database. The database server will store the entire set of login and quiz information in one managed space for the professor to view and the student to submit to so both professor and student can skip the process of emailing the quiz back and forth. The research and development phase will involve the input of Professor Hiroko Chiba to ensure that a workable product is the final result. Periodic meetings with Professor Chiba and discussion of features and functions will push the project in the right direction and allow for a more useful overall product. Once the project is finished, there will still be a lot that can be added to the application for further usability. I intend to continue developing this application for the University's use once the project has been submitted.