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Computer Science Department

A Music Notation Tool Within the DyKnow Vision Software

Joel Dart

This project involves the design, implementation, and testing of a music notation tool within the DyKnow Vision software package allowing a teacher to use a pen stylus to draw a music staff, notate the staff using a subset of music symbols, click on a button, and listen to the software play what he or she wrote. The software will not impose any stroke limits or patterns on the teacher allowing him or her to notate the staff in whatever way seems most natural. The teacher should be able to write chords in up to 4-note polyphony, meaning that 4 written music notes can be played at the same time, allowing the teacher to demonstrate and discuss chord functions. The students in the class will be sent the notations the teacher has made, and, after class, the students will be able to play the musical notes. Also, teachers and students will still be able to annotate their class notes, during and after class, without affecting the music notes that will be played.