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Computer Science Department

A Network Database Approach to Time Card Scheduling

John D. Pattison

VisualTC is a central network based time attendance system created with the intention of addressing multiple issues that exist in current time attendance systems. Not only will VisualTC allow administrators to monitor the attendance patterns of employees from a centralized location, it will also provide an easy to use platform that allows an administrator to quickly create employee schedules though a visual interface. Based on the privilege level of the user logging into the stand alone application, a user will be able to engage in the appropriate action. A basic user will have the ability to see his or her scheduled hours, request vacation time, clock in or out, take a break, or view previous clocked in hours. An administrator will be able to add and edit employees, create schedules for employees, monitor the current state of all employees, correct any employee data, approve vacation time, as well as view employee statistics and reports. The benefit of VisualTC is that all of the scheduling data will be created using an interactive graphical user interface. Administrators will not be slowed down by the tedious task of inputting schedules, breaks, and overtime into time boxes. The administrator will simply lay out the schedule visually and the program heuristics will calculate the appropriate time data. Furthermore, since the scheduling is linked to the attendance system, the administrator will be notified of any significant time discrepancies with their employees.