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Computer Science Department

A Data Driven Website For Jug's Catering, Inc.

Kristen Allen

This project involves the development, implementation and testing of a data driven website for Jug's Catering, Inc. that will allow the company to receive customer orders online. Users will be able to browse through the offered menus and services of Jug's Catering in addition to placing their orders for parties, weddings, or any other type of event. To place an order, the user will be directed to a special page of the website where they will select the date and time of their event from a calendar and drop-down lists and enter the number of people who will be attending the event. This page will communicate with the database to see if the chosen date and time are available. If there is room for the event, then the order process will continue to a page that will pull information from the database to populate drop-down lists, list boxes, and check boxes with the numerous menu options and services that Jug's Catering offers. Once the customer has made their selections, they will be directed to a payment page where they can choose to contact Jug's Catering personally to use cash or check or they can create or access their own account with PayPal to transfer money to the company for payment. After the finalized order has been processed - along with the payment information - an email will be sent to the company that includes all of the information about the new event. If changes to menus or prices are made after the creation of both the site and the database, company employees can access the database through MySQL or Access, both of which are installed on all the company computers, and make the necessary adjustments, which will automatically be updated on the website.