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Computer Science Department

A Website to Sell Corian and Other Products

Kyle Davis

This project involves the design, implementation and activation of a website that will be used to advertise and sell Corian and other solid surface products to potential buyers. It will consist of several web pages designed to inform the potential clients of the products and services that are offered and at their price. It will include sections in which to: contact the business, learn about the products produced, and pay for services rendered. The information section will consist of pictures of materials available and the colors that the material comes in. It will also include the most common designs of vanities, showers and kitchen counter tops that are available. The user will also be able to contact the business in order to request services, ask questions or register complaints. If the user prefers, they will also be able to pay for services rendered online. To do this, the website will use a simple database to keep track of customers and payment options.