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Computer Science Department

A Data Driven Virtual Portfolio for Investors

Thalith Nasir

This project involves the design and implementation of a web based portal for investors. The portal will allow individual investors to register, login to the system, create and manage their portfolios. They will be able to create custom portfolios, add various quantities of stocks to their portfolio and monitor the portfolio's progress with the use of charts and other key statistics such the alpha, beta, gain/loss reports and performance charts. The portal will act as a virtual portfolio and allow the investor to experiment with 'virtual' funds. Funds can be unlimited (stocks can be bought and sold at will) or be preset to an actual budget. The portal will attempt to minimize the effort needed in order to manage a simulated portfolio. It aims to allow investors to quickly register, login and begin creating portfolios, adding stocks to them, viewing graphical price histories and performing simple analysis in the shortest possible time.