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Computer Science Department

A Networking-Based Dungeons and Dragons Battle System

Charlie Storey

This project involves the design, implementation, and testing of a networking based game that resembles that of a Dungeons and Dragons battle system. The game will be made for up to six people, one Dungeon Master (DM) and five players. The DM will start by creating the server for the players to join. After the server is created, the players will be able to join and either create a new character or load a previously created character with their own stats, skill points, equipment, and feats which can be found in the Player's Handbook for Dungeons and Dragons. During this same time, the DM will create non-player characters (NPCs) for the players to battle, set up the game board by positioning obstacles, walls, and NPCs, and notify the players when he or she is ready to start. Once the DM and all players have notified that they are ready, the battle will begin. Each player controls their one character's actions while the DM controls all NPCs. All actions and damage will be based off a dice rolling system with the player character's stats taken into effect.