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Computer Science Department

Point-and-Click App. for Animating Objects in OpenGL

Cody Whitesell

This project will allow users with little or no experience in programming to manipulate objects in OpenGL to create simple key-frame animations. Through this application users will simply utilize the mouse to select existing objects, achieved through the use of a "picking" algorithm, and manipulate or change their properties such as position and color via mouse-position tracking or menus accessed when a mouse-button is clicked. Finally, users will ultimately be able to manipulate a pre-existing robot and save the individual manipulations as a series of key-frames, the graphical equivalent of how "claymations" such as Gumby or Wallace and Gromit are created, that can be played back in a smooth sequence from start to finish. Ultimately it would be the goal for this project to extend to the dynamic creation of objects and the ability to "attach" those objects to one another so a user could create complex figures with various moveable parts from the ground up.