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Computer Science Department

StartED: Application Organization by Intended Use

Erin Donahue

StartED is an application that aims to reduce cognitive overload and increase user control by allowing the user to categorize computer programs based on intended use. The current method of opening a program often involves the All Programs menu via the Start button. This lists all of the programs on the computer, which can be a very long list and lead to cognitive overload. A user does not categorize programs in alphabetically or chronologically based on install date, which are the two readily available options for organizing programs. StartED will allow the user to categorize his/her applications by how they are used. The user will be able to create categories, for example, Work, School, Games, Personal, Online Media, etc. Doing this gives the user control over when he/she sees certain programs. Some programs are not used on a daily basis and listing them only adds to the visual clutter and cognitive overload. StartED will reduce both of these things by giving the user control over which programs will be shown at any given time.