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Computer Science Department

Exhaustively testing a Windows Form-based application

LaVaughn Johnson

The project revolves around the automation and manual testing of a Spanish learning application. Some other software testing techniques employed were Risk-based oracles, statement and branch coverage, and negative testing. A well-detailed and monitored test plan guided the testing phases of the project. The project required collaboration with the developer and meeting served as the venue for the tester and the developer to reach common ground and understanding. As each new build of the application was made available for Alpha testing new tests were created to ensure proper functionality and behavior of the application. In addition the each build was tested by all of the regression tests from the previous builds to guarantee old bugs do not reoccur or new one arise from functionality changes. A community-driven web site maintained the records and all changes within the software testing. The web site also served as a liaison between the developer and the software tester. A detailed report of all bugs and software testing methods was given at the end of testing to the developer.