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Computer Science Department

CAMRA: Computer-Assisted Medication Regimen Adherence

Ashley Myers

CAMRA is a mobile application that interfaces with a web application to assist people with complex medication regimens. The mobile portion of CAMRA is a medication alarm that tracks missed dosages. Patients and doctors have the ability to enter a patient's regimen into the web application. This regimen is transferred to the mobile application, which set up the alarms. A missed dose is recorded when a patient hits snooze for a fourth time or does not log the dose as taken. The recorded adherence data is sent to the web application where the patient can provide his or her doctor with access to the information. The doctor can adjust prescriptions based on the habits of the patient, which will increase the adherence rate to the regimen. Knowing when and how often a patient has potentially missed dosages also alerts the doctor to complications the patient is at risk for when not adhering to his or her regimen. This project involves implementing the ability for patients and doctors to input a patient's medication regimen on the web application, the system that transmits the regimen to the mobile application, the mobile alarm and dosage tracking application, the system to transmit the missed dosage data to the web application, and the ability to display missed dosage data on the web site.