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Computer Science Department

iDesign: A Remake of the iTunes User Interface

Curlee Morrissette

This project is focused specifically on the user interface, or the interactive software application, of iTunes. Systematically iTunes comes out with software updates in order to improve user experience and fix pre-existing software problems. However, these updates generally do not seem to actually be reflective of user feedback. In fact, many components and features that made iTunes desirable are discontinued or disregarded. This project will rely heavily on user feedback to try and determine what, if any, features of the iTunes interface should be changed. The end goal is to create the most simplified version of the iTunes interface that still allows for the user to be familiar with the interface but still gain a unique experience. By creating two separate interfaces for users to compare, there should be a reasonable amount of information as to which features are good and which are bad. Beginning with the iTunes application and the Windows Media application, user feedback will guide a merger between the two that creates an entirely new interface incorporating the best of both. Though the primary focus of the interface is music oriented, the design concept will mostly focus on features such as searching, grouping, and aesthetic appeal of the software, instead of the musical database upon which it is based.