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Computer Science Department

A Networked Platform for a Table Top Game

Kasey Aderhold

This project involves making a networked program on which to play Dungeons and Dragons, specifically role-playing out a battle sequence. It will be coded in Visual Basic .NET and consist of two interfaces designed to be intuitive and easy to learn for novice to expert Dungeons and Dragons players. The program will have support for up to ten Players and one Dungeon Master – who can control all aspects of the game board. The Dungeon Master will sign in and create the board by adding and moving objects such as walls, doors, and non-player character. Players then log in and customize their character as needed before play commences. Players will be able to take turns moving their character token on the board and adjust the status of their character to indicate various states of health. An instant chat-feed will be available to all Players and the Dungeon Master at all times during game play. Both the chat-feed and the game board will be automatically updated in the interfaces as each user sends messages, moves a character token or adds an object to the board. The original spirit of an actual tabletop gaming experience will be preserved whenever possible placing the majority of responsibility and control in the hands of the players.