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Computer Science Department

Fire & Ice Soccer Statistics: Tracking High School Girls

Maria Schwartzman

This project involves the design, implementation, and testing of a program to keep track of soccer statistics, specifically geared toward a specific high school girls' soccer program, although it will be generic enough that any soccer team could use it. Currently, the statistics are kept by using paper, pencil, and a clipboard to make tally marks for what players do during games, including such statistics as their shots on goal, corner kicks taken, saves made, and penalties received. These paper-based numbers are then input into an Excel spreadsheet, after which they are rarely revisited. The goal of this software is to provide a convenient and useful place to house all player information and statistics from season to season. It can be used for coaching decisions, college recruitment information, and a way of keeping track of a player's development from year to year. The user interface will make inputting statistics easy and quick. It will be specifically designed to be easy for the user to use. The backend will use a database to keep track of all the information for each player. Selected information will be able to be exported to a website.