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Computer Science Department

IFC Event Management System

Alaxander Billingsley

This project will be a web-based application to be used by DePauw Student Organizations, where the primary users are members of Greek organizations. In an effort to provide a safe environment for students, DePauw Public Safety and the Interfraternity Council (IFC) request that any parties hosted by Greek organizations go through a registration process and maintain a sign-in sheet for the duration of the party. The goal of the project is to take the previously manual process of managing a guest list and provide an easy-to-use computerized system to manage such events. The program will allow students to create a new event and associate it with a Greek organization. The software will allow guests to swipe their Tiger Express Cards with the use of a card reader. The card reader will read the student id from the card and add the id and a timestamp to a guest list. The project will use data collected during the event and an algorithm to determine if a guest is "fit" to enter an event. The software will also provide an administrator view that can be used by IFC or DePauw Public Safety to review guest lists after the event for investigative purposes.