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Computer Science Department

A Preference-Based Mobile RSS Newsreader Application

Daniel Grumieaux

As smartphones and tablets become more popular, a great variety of people now consume news on mobile platforms using services such as the New York Times app, the Wall Street Journal app, not to mention numerous websites. These mobile devices allow the user to access countless sources for news, and some mobile applications allow the user to aggregate various sources into one friendly-to-organize reader, such as Google Reader for Android. A downside of having multiple sources to read, however, is that the number of articles to read can become staggeringly overwhelming. My project effectively reorders the articles presented to the user based on the user's indicated preference, with the articles that the user is more likely to find interesting rising to the top of the order. To do this, the user will is given the option to "like" or "dislike" various articles. Based on the user's feedback gathered over time, the program organizes and presents the articles in an order that the user finds appealing. In summary, the program is a smartphone newsreader application that intelligently "chooses" what articles to present to the user based on the user's feedback.