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Computer Science Department

A Web-based Database for Managing Student Grades

Diedon Statovci

This project involves the design, implementation, and testing of a web-based database to keep track of student grades, specifically geared towards universities in Kosovo, although it will be suitable enough for any other types of schools to use it. As of now, most of the universities in Kosovo keep track of grades by using paper and pencil. Professors assign grades and record them in a piece of paper which then get submitted to the registrar's office of that specific school. The registrar's mechanically records those grades into an excel sheet and then they get posted in the university's bulletin boards. Thus, if a student wants to know his/her grade for a specific test, he/she has to physically go to the university and find out the grade. The goal of this software is to provide a better and easier way for managing student grades. This software will provide students and faculty access to an online web-based database in which the professor will be able to submit the grade for a specific assignment and the student will be able to view his/her grade in real time. It will also include the option of class enrollment. The user interface will make inputting and viewing grades very easy, quick and far more efficient than the current method.