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Computer Science Department

A Website for Things to do at DePauw: Touring the Town of the Tigers

Jennifer Johnson

The project is a website called "Things to Do at DePauw: Touring the Town of the Tigers". The main purpose of this website is to give every student or visitor easily accessible and interactive information on what is going on at DePauw University. Students with accounts will be able to rate activities, make comments on activities, and send applications to the administrator with information on more things to do. There will be a database containing files for student accounts, administrator accounts, ratings, and applications. The administrator position will be able to edit and log into anywhere on the site. Others coming across the website will be able to access the information but not interact. I will be able to identify students by asking students to request an account; they will enter their e-mail address and the administrator will send that address an e-mail where the student will have to click a confirmation link. After this, the student will be able to have an account and make comments on the website. Using Ruby on Rails, I will be building the web site application, where each page contains a title of the activity or place, phone number, address, ratings, description, comments, and directions from the hub (if the activity is off-campus). Ultimately, students will get first-hand information on what their peers enjoy and believe to be a worthwhile activity.