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Computer Science Department

A Medication Monitoring Software

Jordan Lambert

This project involves developing a medication monitoring software to be used by people who take medications on a regular basis. Presently almost everyone in the United States regularly takes some form of a drug. Whether they are vitamins, supplements, prescriptions, or over-the-counters, remembering to take them can become a problem. In our fast-paced society, it is not uncommon to forget something like this. With this software not only will the person be sent a reminder to take their prescriptions, but they will be able to monitor active and past medications. Email has become one of the most common forms of communication so this program will take advantage of that. Also, a large majority of cell phone owners can now get email sent directly to their phone, so they can be reminded no matter where they are. For the monitoring side of the program, the user will be able to print out a current medication list, look up past medications they were taking, and edit or change medications they are on. This program will be designed to increase the safety of taking drugs and help in the prevention of forgetting to take medications.